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CLBDF-50 PV 1500VDC Fuse Current 2A to 50A

Lin Bai Electric (CLBE) recently announced the launch of its CLBDF-50LB 1500V DC photovoltaic fuse holder. Linbai Electric is a global expert in the field of new energy photovoltaic protection and DC power management, so the CLBDF-50LB series fuse holder is designed to meet global standards. IP20 rated with touch proof swivel fuseholder to accommodate 10/14 x 85mm gPV fuses, bringing fuseholders to a new level of safety for utility scale PV applications.
The CEO of Linbai Electric said: “Since its establishment, it has developed into a major power supply market mainly from the niche market of new energy solar photovoltaic market applications. In view of this huge growth, Linbai Electric’s most advanced electrical balance system product portfolio has expanded Provides flexibility and versatility in designing safe photovoltaic systems.”
The main body of the fuse holder is made of UL94-V0 leading material, which has high fire resistance and excellent durability.

Linbai Electric has expanded its portfolio of safe and reliable power transmission, distribution and control solutions. Products include: medium and low voltage fuses, fuse holders, circuit breakers, surge protectors, power contactors, DC power distribution boxes, AC power distribution cabinets, photovoltaic booster stations, etc.

Post time: May-05-2023