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1500VDC High Current Combiners

Short Description:

High Current Combiners are ideal for solar systems where a single combiner input needs to accommodate harnesses that aggregate strings of modules with high Short Circuit Interrupt Rating (Isc), or where three strings or more are being combined in a single wire harness. This allows for more effective string combining, particularly for racking systems with more than two strings per row.

This Combiners is well suited for use with the CLBDPHUS-400 Disconnector switch


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Product Detail

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• Expand harnessing to three or more strings, allowing for a more cost effective balance of system. Future proof the ability to harness multiple strings as modules increase in amperage, including HJT cells, larger cell sizes, or Bi-Facial modules.
• Significant cost savings can be achieved due to reduced number of Source Circuit Conductors (home runs) from racks to the combiners, which in turn translates to fewer combiners needed and reduced installation time and labor.
• Flexibility of design – all SolarBOS High Current Combiners can be designed to accommodate any solar installation, whether grounded, floating, or isolating topology. System designers can specify the number of inputs, the fuse(s) and disconnect size, and other features.
• All inputs are touch-safe fuse holders, providing added protection against shock and arc-flash hazards.

• ETL listed to UL-1741
• 10kAIC rating
• Up to 16 input circuits
• Rated for 1500 VDC and continuous duty
• 90C output terminals
• NEMA-3R, 4 & 4X enclosures
• Includes touch-safe protective cover
• Cover doors with poured-in seamless gasket

• Grounded / Floating / Isolating topology
• Blown fuse indicating fuse holders
• Transient surge suppression
• Provisions for single or parallel conductors
• Mechanical or compression lugs
• Drain/Breather vents
• Custom enclosure knock-outs per customer specs
• Pre-terminated input conductors
Fuse Ampacity (Amps) Up to 65 A
Voltage (VDC) 1500 VDC
Disconnect Ampacity (Amps) Up to 400 A
Max Output Current (ADC Continuous) Up to 400 A
Input Terminals (AWG) #12 – #1 AWG
Number of Input Circuits Up to 16
Output Terminals (AWG) #2 to 600mcm
Enclosure Dimensions (Inches, HxWxD) 30x24x8 / 30x30x8 (depending on number of input circuits)
Approximate Weight (Pounds) 160 lbs
Enclosure NEMA Ratings 3R / 4 / 4X

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