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PWM-20 Solar Charge Controller SD 10-20A

Short Description:

Solar Charge Controller SD 10-20A ModelSD-10/20/30/40SD-20/30/40-48SD-50/60SD-50/60Max Solar Current10/20/30/40A20/30/40A50/60A50/60ASystem Voltge12V/24V Automatic Recognition48V12V/24V Automatic Recognition48VFast Voltage14.0/28.0V (25℃)56V (25℃


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Solar Charge Controller SD 10-20A

Features •High efficiency PWM charging •Temperature compensation •Clear readable display of charge and error status •Full automatic electronic protect function •Small, light, portable and artistic

Model SD-10/20/30/40 SD-20/30/40-48 SD-50/60 SD-50/60
Max Solar Current 10/20/30/40A 20/30/40A 50/60A 50/60A
System Voltge 12V/24V Automatic Recognition 48V 12V/24V Automatic Recognition 48V
Fast Voltage 14.0/28.0V (25℃) 56V (25℃) 14.0/28.0V (25℃) 56V (25℃)
Boost Voltage 14.0~15.0V/28.0~30.0V (25℃) 56~60V (25℃) 14.0~15.0V/28.0~30.0V (25℃) 56~60V (25℃)
Equalization Voltage 14.0~15.5V/28.0~31.0V (25℃) 56~62V (25℃)(Liquid) 14.0~15.5V/28.0~31.0V (25℃) 56~62V (25℃)(Liquid)
Float Voltage 13.0~14.5V/26.0~29.0V (25℃) 52~58V (25℃) 13.0~14.5V/26.0~29.0V (25℃) 52~58V (25℃)
Over Voltage Protection Voltage 16.5/33.0V 66.0V 16.5/33.0V 66.0V
Load Disconnect Voltage 11.2-11.8V/22.4-23.6V 44-50V 11.2-11.8V/22.4-23.6V 44-50V
Load Reconnect Voltage 12.5V/24.0V 47.2-53.2V 12.5V/24.0V 47.2-53.2V
Battery Type Gel
Temperature Compensation 4.17mV/K Per Cell (Boost, Equalization),3.33mV/K Per Cell (Float)
Max Solar Voltage 55V 100V 55V 100V
Max Battery Boltage 40V 64V 40V 64V
Max.Wire size 25mm
Own Consumption 13.8mA
Ambient Temperature -10~+60℃

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