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AC charging pile series

Short Description:

Installation tools: cross screwdriver, hexagonal wrench, percussion drill, test pen, multimeter.
Recommended cable specifications for power supply and communication (networking mode) of
charging pile are as follows


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1.1 Fixed installation of pile body

Installation tools: cross screwdriver, hexagonal wrench, percussion drill, test pen, multimeter. Recommended cable specifications for power supply and communication (networking mode) of charging pile are as follows:

Name of the


Cable specifications



Power cord

3*6mm2 and above single phase

power cable

Subject to the specificconstruction length
Communication line

Shielded network cable (Class 5)

Subject to the specific construction length EthernetOperation Edition

Installation precautions:

1. Before installation, please check whether there are scratches and rust on the surface of the workpiece.

  1. Do not let sharp tools scratch products and parts during installation, avoid scratches between parts caused by each other’s appearance scars, and pay attention to the use of tools, pay attention to personal safety.

1.1 Electrical installation

Power low-voltage distribution room charging pile front distribution box (leakage protection) AC charging pile electric vehicle

Charging pile input line connection (access according to the mark)

When the equipment is used, it must be grounded. The test pen in the accessory package must be used to test the fire line (L), the zero line (N), the light of the electric pen test is the fire line (L), and then the L line and the N line are respectively connected to the corresponding terminals!

Safety warning: in order to ensure safe charging, the user must connect the input line in strict accordance with the phase sequence requirements of the input line terminals.At the same time, the rated current of 32A charging pile, the input line is not less than 6 square copper core line;Rated current of 16A charging pile, the input line is not less than 4 square copper core wire.(After wiring is finished, put it back into the lead mouth of the column or protect it with a protective cover to prevent exposure and accidental collision.)

The following safety regulations shall be observed during power distribution and wiring of charging piles:



Safety regulations




Power distribution in front of charging pile The circuit breaker shall be installed before the input power of the charging pile:Rated current 32A, circuit breaker selection 40A

The charging pile can be effectively isolated from the power grid when safety

problems occur in the process of use.



Phase sequence of charging pile incoming line  Wiring strictly in accordance with the phase sequence in Figure A  

Ensure safe charging.



Incoming wire diameter of charging pile Rated current 32A, wire diameter not less than 6 square

When charging normally, the cable will not be heated due to high current.



Input power parameters Ensure that the input power parameters are consistent with the charging pile:Single-phase pile: AC220V  

Ensure safe charging.



 Charging pile line technology Exposed wiring should be protected by effective measures such as piping to avoid crushing or scratching thewiring.  Protect the line from damage.


 Measuring with test pen In the installation of the incoming line, it is necessary to use a test pen to test the fire line (L) zero line (N) respectively connected to thecorresponding terminals.

The equipment comes with phase sequence detection function to prevent reverse connection and ensure

electricity safety.

Note: If you have any questions about the above requirements or use, please contact the equipment manufacturer for confirmation to ensure safe use.

Special reminder: considering the line loss during power distribution, the power distribution distance of the charging pile should be shortened as far as possible. Itisrecommended thatthe power distribution distance should be within 50 meters. If the power distribution distanceis long, the wire diameter of the distribution line should be increased by 1~2 levels to reduce the line loss

1.2 The electrical debugging

1) Pre-operation check:

AC pile installation location for easy operation and maintenance

AC pile and accessories should be properly connected and firmly installed

Reasonable selection of AC inlet leakage protection switch (40A leakage protection for 7KW and 20A leakage protection for 3.5KW)

No external objects or parts are left on top of the AC pile

2) Power on the equipment:

  1. Make sure the above pre-operation inspection items meet the requirements
  2. Close the leakage protection of the incoming power line
  3. Power on AC pile:

Normal standby: blue light is always on Equipment failure: red light flashing Charging: green light flashing

3) System setup and networking:

For charging piles of the standard operating version, initial configuration and networking operation are required:

Ethernet version using standard crystal head (RJ-45) to connect to the switch, from the main computer direct connection mode;

The GPRS version uses an antenna to connect 2G/3G/4G network signals and send data to the cloud platform for connection.

Chapter II Charging Pile Charging

    After the electric vehicle owner puts the electric vehicle into the stack and stops, he/she takes the charging gun off the pile and inserts it into the charging seat of the electric vehicle.

    Please carefully check whether it is inserted in place to ensure reliable connection.

2.2 Charging on

1) Instantly plug in and charge the version, directly plug in the charging gun for charging.

2)For the charging pile of the swipe card version, in addition to ensuring that the charging gun is reliably inserted into the electric vehicle, it also needs to receive the charging control command before charging the electric vehicle.Charging control instructions may come from the card reader (IC card), charging APP or WeChat public account.

3)Charging control by swiping card: the user correctly connects the charging gun, uses the swipingarea of the configured IC card swiping card close to the charging pile, and starts charging (greenflashing when charging is normal).Before charging the end of the operation, please be sure to swipe the card settlement before drawing the gun, otherwise it will cause the lock card.(If the card is locked, please contact the management office)

4) Charging through the WeChat official account: Electric owners can also charge by followingthe WeChat official account.The owner finds an available idle charging pile nearby, parks the car in the parking space, and then enters the charging control interface of the pile by scanningthe code button in the WeChat public account and scanning the two-dimensional code on site. After connecting the charging gun, the owner clicks “Start Charging” to charge the electric car.

2.3 Charging stop

When the charging pile is in working state, the owner needs to end the charging, which can be done in the following ways:

1) plug in and charge the version directly pull the gun to end the charging.

2) Settle by credit card, and draw the gun after successful deduction.When the car is fully charged, the on-board controller will automatically stop charging.Please be sure to swipe the card settlement before drawing the gun, otherwise it will cause the lock card.(If the card is locked, please contact the management office)

3) Click ”Stop Charging” on the mobile terminal (APP or WeChat official account), and then pull the gun.

2.4 Charging Settlement

Charge control with swipe card: swipe card automatically accounts, and the screen shows the amount and amount of charge.

Use the mobile terminal (APP or WeChat official account) to control charging: when the chargingis over and the charging gun is pulled out, the system will automatically settle the charging charge and push the detailed charging data (including charging time, charging amount and chargingcharge) to the owner’s APP or the WeChat official account. Car owners can view the history of consumption records and account capital changes through the consumption list.

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