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LBV 24kV Series Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Short Description:

LBV Series embedded pole vacuum circuit breakers are applicable to rating of 12kV,24kV, three-phase AC 50 or 60Hz indoor switchgear and serve as protection and control units for industrial and mining establishments and transformer substation equipment. With modular and independent-frame design for their spring operating mechanisms, LBV circuit breakers are available in the fixed and with draw able version.


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Product Detail

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Normal Service Condition

Altitude:                                                                            ≤1000m

Ambient temperature:

Maximum temperature                                                                +40℃

Minimum temperature                                                                 -15℃

Average air temperature(24-h)+35℃

Ambient humidity:

Maximum average relative humidity

24 hours                                                                              ≤95%

1 month                                                                              ≤90%

Maximum water vapor pressure

24 hours                                                                            ≤2.2kpa

1 month                                                                            ≤1.5kpa

The influence of solar radiation may be neglected.

The ambient air is not significantly polluted by dust,smoke,corrosive and/or flammable gases,vapors or salt.

Vibration due to causes external to the switchgear and controlgear or earth tr-emors are negligible.

Special Service Condition

Special operating conditions are to be agreed on by the manufacturer and user,The manufacturer must be consulted in advance about each special

operating condition:

Site altitude over 1000m

-Allow for the reduction in the dielectric strength of the air.

-Or plateau type circuit breaker should be ordered,which shall meet corresponding insulation requirements.

Increased ambient temperature

-Current carrying capacity is reduced.

-Provide additional ventilation for heat dissipation.

Other considerations should be consulted with the manufacturer according to Section 2.2 in IEC 62271-1.








Applicable Standards

LBV Series vacuum circuit breakers comply with the latest version of IEC62271-100 and IEC62271-1 and have undergone the tests indicated below and guarantee the safety and reliability of the apparatus in service in any installation.

·Type tests:

Mechanical operation test

Dielectric test

Switching capacitor bank test

Temperature rise test

·Short-circuit current breaking and making test

Short-time withstand current and peak withstand current test

Mechanical endurance test

No-load cable breaking and making test

Partial discharge test

·Routine test:

Switching synchronization

Open and close time

Bounce time

Insulation test of auxiliary and control circuits

Mechanical endurance test

Power-frequency withstand voltage test

Mechanical characteristic test

Main circuit measurement of resistance

Embedded Pole Design

LBV series vacuum circuit breakers embed vacuum interrupter in solid epoxy resin materials with higher creepage distance and electrical clearance, which is applicable for operation under harsh environment.

Use of epoxy resin as insulating medium also reduces pole centers distance,making vacuum circuit breakers and fitting switchgear compact.

Modular Operating Mechanism

Murge’s universal operating mechanism is a modular design that is common across all VMG circuit breaker frames,making circuit breaker family easy to work with. It is a self-contained functional unit and allows for fast and easy installation.The proven design ensures

mechanical endurance up to 20,000 operating cycles.

Thanks to its modular design,material selection and limited number of moving parts,the mechanism assembly requires minimal inspection. The simplicity of the design reduces the energy required to operate it, minimizing system wear and the need for inspection.

Service Safety

Complete range of mechanical and electrical interlocks [available on request) are provided to prevent incorrect operations and to inspect the installations whilst guaranteeing maximum operator’s safety Only when the circuit breaker and the earthing switch are in the

breaking position can the circuit breaker truck be racked to the service position from the testing position.

The circuit breaker can be closed only when in the service/test position.

When the circuit breaker is closed,its truck cannot be racked,which can be racked in or out only when circuit breaker is in breaking condition.

The circuit breaker in closed position cannot be racked out from the service position to the test position,

The circuit breaker cannot be closed while it is being racked in.

When the circuit breaker is closed, if the closing signal fails to be removed timely,the internal anti-trip control circuit will cut off the closing circuit to prevent multiple reclosing (optional).

If electric closing lockout is selected,the circuit breaker will be unable to be closed when the secondary circuit fails to provide power,or the power provided fails to meet the normal operation of the locking electromagnet (optional).

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